Clear in Greer

We made the trek to Greer this weekend. After seeing how clear and pretty it is there, I realized how smoggy and brown it is here! The sky in Greer is actually blue, whereas here, it's brownish grey. Oh well, pollution isn't going anywhere soon so I guess I better get used to breathing it. Joe is working on the marketing for a golf course/ housing community there. SO WE took a golf cart out there and drove all around. I had no idea how fun it is to ride around in a golf cart. Ethan had a blast too! Who knew?

Then Joe threw my dog Barbie out of the golf cart and made her run for about 8 holes. She's a fast little sucker and she kept up real well. It was pure entertainment! Let's just say she was pooped afterwards.



We are so excited for the Suns Playoffs since Joe is arguably their biggest fan. SO we couldn't pass up the opportunity to make a night of it. Joe Set up the projector and shined it onto a big blanket in our backyard and we invited a few fellow Suns fans to come watch! Luckily the suns won or I'd have a grumpy hubby. We had lots of food and the girls ended up taking the fun inside to talk about hair, weight loss and pregnancy. Somehow those topics always come up, I'm sure all you girls know what I mean. Ethan had his friend Drake as a crib buddy too and they both fell asleep at the same time. It was so adorable! :)


Lit'l Tidbits:

You don't to look far for some great entertainment, just go to the ward talent show! We had some great Friday night fun watching people do funny stuff. Joe's comment as we were leaving was "I love being Mormon." It's so true that you can have fun and still live the gospel.GOOD BUY!!! Joe and I went Garage sale shopping Saturday Morning. I get some sort of weird thrill doing this. We ;eft at about 7:30am and would do drive bys and check if there was anything good and if not, it was on to the next house. We hit the jackpot when we found a community garage sale! I found this excersaucer and other thing (I don't know the name) for $40, and this stuff is barely used! So really, before you go to Target and spend hundreds on baby stuff, go to garage sales!
Hours of fun for everyone! (and a break for mommy) :)


Who's gonna win???

Cool Slideshows

I am a total watcher of this show! I think it will be these three couples at the end with Ian, Joey, and Apolo. MY favorite couple BY FAR is Apolo and Julianne. They are such great dancers! I love watching the professional dancers do their thang too! I wish I could go on the show and learn some moves! Oh yah, and the costumes are so fun!


Waterslide FUN!

We had so much fun today over at Grandma and Grandpa's house! They found this awesome waterslide at Costco for all of the grandkids to play on! They could have played on that thing all day into the night! These are some pictures of my Ethan, and then my nephews Noah and Preston, and my niece Kalista. They are all so adorable! I thought my mom looked pretty in this picture too!

Ethan loves to go on walks in the stroller!

Nice shades!


The short story...

I did it! I finally took the big plunge and hacked off my tangled up horse mane! Yesterday I went to Sara Reeder and brought her a picture of Tatum Perkin's hair from her blog, because she looked so good with the cut! (Thanks again for the idea Tatum!) And I seriously was not sad while she was cutting it. In fact I was so happy to watch it all fall to the floor. Joe loves it. In fact, he jokingly calls me his trophy wife! JK! YOu might recognize that line from a weight loss commercial on TV right now. I thought, would you really want your husband to be joking that you were his trophy wife? Wouldn't you want him to be serious that you were his trophy wife? Anyhow, I love the breezy feeling of the shorter hair and I'm glad it's GONE!!!


Friends Forever:

Allie invited everyone over to her Mom's for lunch this Friday. Of course, she cooked the most professional meal of yummy salad and then a rice dish and some great coconut icecream HOMEMADE. (I don't remember the name of the main dish, it was so fancy!) She's a great cook and a great mom! We thought we'd take some pictures of the babies. Little Nash and Hayden, the newborns of the bunch, are so little and adorable! Kasey's baby Hayden slept in his carseat the WHOLE time while Allie's little guy Nash rocked in the swing. Jackie's baby Collin crawled all over the place, bumping into chairs and getting scratches on his face from who knows where, he also likes to suck on peoples toes! Jamie's girl Carly and my Ethan experienced their first kiss together and they looked pretty happy about it too! They also held hands together and made googly eyes across the room. I think I hear wedding bells in the future! Hawli couldn't bring Kash because he was sick! But she came anyway! The girls all had fun talking and sharing baby tips and tricks! It was a nice getaway for us all!


Planet Earth and Oprah

Oprah has been doing some really great shows lately. I admit, I love her! So I was blown away by the story of this ant. The ant is near death. Spores from a parasitic fungus have infiltrated its body and mind…driving it insane. As cameras roll, a parasite begins to grow from the insect's head. After three weeks, deadly spores will burst from the alien growth. "That was a sequence that I'm probably most proud of," Huw says.When sick ants like this one are discovered in a colony, worker ants carry them far away and leave them to die. If they don't, thousands could suffer the same fate. Huw says he saw whole colonies destroyed by this fungus.

By the way, I have met Oprah! Just kidding! It's a wax figure. Joe and I went to Las Vegas two years ago and visited Madame Tussaud's wax museum. We had the best time!http://www.mtvegas.com/experience.asp