Lazer tag

We got some friends together last weekend to have dinner and play lazer tag! We met at the Salty seniorita which the atmosphere was like drift wood meets glam, very cool. The food was so-so. But the conversation was great.

Then we went over the stratum to play lazer tag. We played two crazy games. I realized how out of shape I am as I was sweating and sore by the end. It's good fun though, they pumped loud music in there and the glow of the black lights are everywhere. You can't help but feel hyper and totally 'cool' running around shooting people with your phazer. I love that word "phazer". We all agreed that we'll have to go back very soon!


Stealing Time

Lately I feel like I'm trying to steal time to do everything.
But at the same time, at the end of a day of doing everything,
I can't remember what I did...
  1. take care of the children
  2. work
  3. clean
  4. cook
  5. Sleep
  6. Have a social life
  7. worship
  8. spend quality time with hubby

Those are all things that need to get done at some point in the day.

I wish I could just stop time, just for a minute so I could take it all in, really be in the moment. I want to look at my as it is now and just be..................

I see the elderly at church and know that I'll be there soon. All they can do is talk about the past because that's all they have, and that's what I'm living right now, the life they wish they could go back to. It's a funny paradigm.


Ivy's Blessing day

We had a wonderful day when all of the family came to visit for Ivy's baby blessing. Church was at 9am so we were especially grateful to see everyone so early! Ivy's dress was absolutely fabulous. I wish they had it in my size! She was the bell of the ball and Daddy's blessing was so sweet!

After church we all came to our house for subs and mom's famous bowtie salad. Oh yah and yummy lofthouse cookies too! The family talked and laughed and the kids played and played.

After all the fun had ended, Ivy was zonked out. She needed some beauty sleep.


Home Sweet Home

Well, being a new mommy again, I stay at home a lot more that I used to! It's just more difficult to get out of the house! So we find fun things to do around the house like play with Ethan's big legos! He loves to stack and stack over again, so we decided to use ALL of his blocks and build a castle. It was lots o' fun! And then of course the giant robot lived in the castle. Ethan keeps me on my toes all day long, but is a big helper too. Thank goodness for naps.

Ivy gets to play dress up at her mommy's request. I am living vicariously through her when it comes to pink and tutus because when I was little I could never get enough of that stuff! Anything sparkly or girly always caught my eye! She'll be blessed this Sunday. I can't wait to take photos of her in her blessing dress, it's fabulous!

Joe told me he's ready to get started on his master degree next year so we're gearing up for that!

I'm an Etsy Freak Lately, I love all things boutique on there. Also, we've seen AVATAR twice now, and I'm definately wanting to see it again before it leaves theatres. I LOVE that movie. I got the soundtrack to it and listen to it when I do my graphic design. It makes me happy! I tell Joe I wish he and I could travel to a bioluminescent world and be mated in front of the spirit tree... was that TMI? Well this is MY journal!