Our Summer in random order:

 All aboard the Choo choo train!!
 This train toots all around the mall and it's so fun to watch it so we thought we'd let Ethan take a ride. He had such a blast with Daddy!
 This was back in July at the Chandler mall play place.
 They have a little baby area sectioned off there where the big kids don't get in the way. Ivy had fun exploring!
 Ethan hiding under the bus. :)
 Happy July fourth! We watched the fireworks from our back yard this year again.
 Ethan loved the glowy things we bought at the dollar store to share with all of the kids!
 This is right before Ivy started crawling. I guess you could say she was revving up for it!
 My little sweetie!
 Ethan's Graduation in August 2010.
 They did lots of songs with hand movements!
 He was so outgoing. Not shy at all. :)
 He did such a good job walking in and standing still. :)
 The teacher is teaching them how to stand in a line, so they showed that off at Graduation. So cute!!
 Ethan in his underwear with daddy on the crane lift thing.
 Joe was fixing our golf nets and took Ethan on a ride!
Ethan is in Super hero mode now! He has a Batman and Superman shirt!