So I recently designed some ads for one of my favorite clients. Lora Jenson, little did I know, she's a genius, so here's what one of the ads looks like:

Well I designed the ads, and chose the slogan "Easy, fun, you're done." and went about my daily life again putting Ethan in diapers just fine. Well then Lora so graceously sent me the Ebook. So I thought I would try it! WOW! A week later Ethan has gone a whole day without having any accidents! Was it easy or fun? No! Did it happen in just three days? No! But am I done potty training Ethan, YES! I am so happy that I did it. And I'm so grateful for my husband who didn't let me quit when I tried like 10 times! He just kept telling me it would be worth it. And the relief I feel right now is amazing!

I'm a busy mom, like most, and I think in the beginning I did not put as much focus into my child as he needed in order to complete the task in 3 days. Now I know for my next child what needs to be done. I wish I could send the Ebook to all of you out there, but I need to give credit where credit is due, so go to here site and purchase the Ebook: http://www.3daypottytraining.com/. You'll be happy you did!

On a side note, Joe and I played twister last sunday while Joe's brother Jeff called out the next move for us, I think he had it in for us, however because look at this horrendous pose we were forced in to:

We laughed until we cried, and then fell down. (I love how one of Ethan's cars is in any photo I take inside my house anymore, they're everywhere!)


Christmas Through your eyes

I had fun designing this year's Christmas Card. Here's the final front.

Inside Spread.
Back. The paper was a glossy cardstock. So cute!

This year, Joe and I decided to take the lights off of our old pre-lit tree so we could put new ones on. Hours and several severs to the hands later, we vowed never to do that again. I think we'll try a 'real' tree next year. It was a great bonding experience though. :)

We did the luminaries down our street and through part of the neighborhood this year. It's such a fun activity for Christmas eve! All of the neighborhood kids look forward to helping me fold the sacks and put the sand and candle in.

This is the beautiful Christmas lights Joe put on the house this year. I just love them! Ethan took one look at Daddy's Christmas light extravaganza and said, "It's so beautiful!" He could have stared at them all day long.

This is our Christmas lights on drugs! Much cooler!

Ethan on Christmas morning! When we went to visit Santa at the mall, he told him he wanted toys for Christmas, but I don't think he really expected to wake up one random morning and see all sorts of fun toys and gifts. I woke up Chistmas morning feeling SO SICK! So I got to be the photographer. :)

Ethan and his Christmas spoil of sorts!Barbie apparently has something against Santa Claus.

What's left of Santa!!