Headline News: Hunt Family rescues bird family from fart fan...

It all began when Joe was using our downstairs restroom the other night. All of the sudden he thought he heard birdies chirping. Not the 'I just got hit over the head with a bat' type birdies, but the REAL type birdies. So the next day, we discover that some birdies have built a nest inside the vent that leads to our bathroom 'fart fan' (aptly named by Joe). We welcomed the little family at first, but as days passed, we realized it's not so very fun to have birds clamor in loud chirping every time you flush the toilet.

D-day happened this evening when Joe wanted to drown out the sound of the birdies by turning on the fart fan. Turns out that wasn't a good idea because the fan sucked the mommy birdie and her two baby birdies dangerously close the motor, almost chopping them to pieces! Feathers were floating everywhere when Joe went into the bathroom and we thought we were going to to find a pretty ugly situation when we opened the vent. We were surprised to find the mommy bird fluttering around in there and as soon as Joe went to grab her, she flew around the house like mad! You can imagine Ethan was in stitches!

After scaling the roof after dark, Joe found no sign of the nest. After all that climbing, he discovered that the nest was closer to the ground around the side of the house. He put momma birdie in the nest, but there where no babies to be found.

Joe was a champ and went back to search the fart fan for the babies. My only contribution to the whole situation was to bring Joe a mirror so he could see further into the fan. After a few minutes of searching, two little hatch-lings were rescued. SO TINY and cute!

Joe reunited the family at their nest. Here's to hoping the mommy bird doesn't reject her little babies now that they've been contaminated by humans!

That third little photo in the collage is my Ivy Bird. I love her little leggies in that photo and just had to post it. :)