Iphone shots

 Kali and Pebo came and stayed at our house last week for a couple of nights and we had so much fun with them! Kali especially bonded with Ivy and she was a good little mommy to her. :)
 We took Ethan to see Tangled recently. He felt so special to have a night alone with just mommy and daddy. He liked the 3d glasses!
 Ivy is loving Ethan's old tractor! Here she is playing peekaboo!
She looks like a tractor pro here! Posing for the camera and all!


Joe Turns OLD (ha ha 30!)

Joe turned 30!! I wanted to make a big deal of it, so I invited his closest buddies and they went and played video games at this cool place I found. Us girls went to see a movie. It was lots of fun though. I'm approaching 30 very soon. Ahhh!


Happy Halloween

Ethan made his own witches brew for Halloween! Yuck!


Our Summer in random order:

 All aboard the Choo choo train!!
 This train toots all around the mall and it's so fun to watch it so we thought we'd let Ethan take a ride. He had such a blast with Daddy!
 This was back in July at the Chandler mall play place.
 They have a little baby area sectioned off there where the big kids don't get in the way. Ivy had fun exploring!
 Ethan hiding under the bus. :)
 Happy July fourth! We watched the fireworks from our back yard this year again.
 Ethan loved the glowy things we bought at the dollar store to share with all of the kids!
 This is right before Ivy started crawling. I guess you could say she was revving up for it!
 My little sweetie!
 Ethan's Graduation in August 2010.
 They did lots of songs with hand movements!
 He was so outgoing. Not shy at all. :)
 He did such a good job walking in and standing still. :)
 The teacher is teaching them how to stand in a line, so they showed that off at Graduation. So cute!!
 Ethan in his underwear with daddy on the crane lift thing.
 Joe was fixing our golf nets and took Ethan on a ride!
Ethan is in Super hero mode now! He has a Batman and Superman shirt!


I Remember...

What an event it was to visit the September 11th Memorial at Tempe Town Lakes this past Saturday. I got choked up as we walked over the hill and took in the patriotic site. Each flag represented a fallen citizen from that day. And further symbolism hit me as I noticed that each flag waved individually from the other, just as each person who gave their life that day had a unique story to tell. Joe sat down with Ethan and recounted the events from that day. Planes flew over us every minute or so. Taps was played a couple of times each hour. And the tears just kept streaming down my face. (I'm so glad I wore those sunglasses to cover the evidence.) The world has seemed to go back to it's 'I don't care about anything' mentality. BUT for this moment I was able to stop, and hit the rewind button, and remember...


What's Up This month?

Well, it seems the closest thing to me that's a camera these days is my phone, so I snap shots from there more often than my higher resolution camera, but at least it's something right?
  I just got a new calling as young women secretary and it seems to be perfect for me! Look at these crazy miamaids! They performed a Mormon rap and it was hilarious! I so remember those days of being fancy free!
This is Ethan's way of finding things to do around the house. He loves to get creative with the baby contraptions that litter our floor.
  We sat outside and watched the rain storm last week. It was so nice to smell the damp and feel the cool breeze! I would have stayed out all evening if we didn't start getting soaked!
First day of preschool! I took more photos that I'll be uploading soon! Ethan was such a big boy walking into class this year! much different than last year. He's becoming such a big boy! Daddy gave him a sweet blessing the night before and he felt so important!!!
 Look at this little princess! This is the dress she wore to church last Sunday and it was precious on her. She kept tripping on it though because it's so long. All of the young women argue over who gets to hold her and Ivy is so good when she sits on their laps. I LOVE this little lady!

Happy Bday Celebrations

This month is always one of my favorites because it's Aimee and Mom's Bdays. And to our surprise, last weekend was a BIG party! Friday night, Aimee planned a BASH for my mom and all the girls went to see 'Annie get your gun' at Hale Theater. The show was so cute and I LOVED the music. After that we went for ice cream and chatted about shaving our legs. :) Nothing Better!
 Then, we got a 'secret' invitation in the mail from Ray (Aimee's hubby) about a surprise party for her. The invite was SO sweet, and we were all to meet at Dave and Busters on Saturday night and rock the night away. Well OF COURSE Aimee found out about it early, but the event was still a HUGE hit! There was shuffle ball, pool, and games till the morning light! Ray did a fabulous job and we had such a great time!

 Happy B-day ladies!! Love you!


Random iPhone Cuteness

 We love this little expression on Ivy's face!

Ethan looks so naturally happy here. So sweet!

Daddy and his brood in St. George. He is so proud of them!

Upside down boy!!

Mommy is getting a little better with the piggy tails. :)


Ivy is crawling!!

This rudamentary post is from my iPhone but I wanted mark this last couple of days with Ivy officially crawling! My little girl looks so cute/funny making her way around the floor to get something she wants. I can attribute it to never laying her on the couch or any other contained space. Just on the floor. That's where I feel safest letting her explore. :) yay!



Wow, looking at this photo makes me remember that crisp cool perfect day in Sedona with my new hubby when all there was to think about was....us.
 There's so much to love about Joe and about and about us. It's funny, the thing that attracted me the most about Joe when I met him is still the same thing that attracts me today. To sum it up in just a few words might confuse an outsider but it means everything to me...he's just Joe! Seven years later, he's got his degree, father of two children, works at a great job, but he's still  just Joe.

He came into my life at the perfect time.

 Happy seven years!!!

Dear Ethan

Dear Ethan,

I just read you a story, said a prayer with you, and kissed you goodnight. You are such a treasure to me. Each day I see you grow and change a little bit. I love how you say things like 'wented' and 'jumpded'. I just giggle inside. I love all the creative things you come up with. Today you walked around the house 'mopping' and holding my old cell phone up to your ear 'talking' to Grandma about the days events. Thank you for letting me enter your world just for a moment. I can say my cup is filled with joy every day because of you. You are my little buddy and such a great big brother to Ivy. You learned how all by yourself and I feel happy knowing that she has you to grow up with. She's a lucky girl.

 Last Friday you got hit by a golf ball in our back yard. I feel so grateful that you were not hit in the head. What a terrible thing that would have been! You were such a brave boy!

You've already lived so much life in your short 3 1/2 years on this earth. You've made me such a proud mommy so many times over. I count you as one of my greatest blessings every day!

I love you so much!



St. George!

We went to St. George this month. We always love our getaways to St. George because there are SO many people we LOVE so much waiting for us there! This time Steve (Joe's Dad) was gracious enough to rent a condo for Laura's Family, Sara's Family, and Our Family to stay in. How fun! It sure saved us some money! It was nice to be able to talk with them every morning and every evening. Joe also has some great friends from high school there who never fail to get together every time we come! So hilarious! I just get happy thinking about it! Here are a few photos that we took whilst we were there. Thank goodness Aunt Jill sent some to me...THANKS JILL!


A couple of other fun events were that Joe and I went to a beautiful session in the St. George temple, and we visited Grandma great's house. (She got hit in the nose by a ball) whilst the kids were playing around her and we all just felt terrible! Ethan called her his 'OLD OLD grandma'. Talk about a downer of a day for her! But she took it all really well! I'm just happy that my children get to meet some of their great grandparents !

This Morning

This morning Ivy decided to sleep in longer this morning which meant that Ethan woke up first. I took the opportunity to crawl into his bed with him and just talk. What a special morning it was to talk and snuggle with my happy, creative, silly three year old. We talked about the glowing stars on his ceiling, and about how toilets work. I wished I could hold onto that moment forever. :)

Glee Live!

Mom and I went to Glee Live 2010!

I've never had more fun at a concert before! I had watch the show all the way up to this point and so seeing the cast live onstage was surreal! Mom and I were rocking out to say the least! I was so pumped when they started the show out with 'don't stop believin' and then I loved 'defying grafity' as well as Lady Gaga's 'bad
romance.' The openers of the show were a dance group called Legion of Extaordinary Dancers (LXD) and they were FABULOUS!


Throughout the show I cried several times because I was just so happy to be there! Leah Michelle is my favorite singer right now:
I loved this season finale of glee. Jesse St. James did Somebody to love while quin had her baby and he did a fabulous job!


Wow! Maybe I'm a Gleek! But I can't wait for next season!