Whose Face??

This one of Ethan as strong man is hilarious!!
I think this one of Joe looks pretty realistic as Pres. Bush.

There some freesoftware you can download called funphotor. (You can find it on google). It's so fun. Then you can save the picture to your desktop and viola! Enjoy!


Tube Fun

This boy has been crawling non-stop around our house, and he has now discovered our stairs! Toys have no meaning, not even the baby elmo that moves and talks! So my mom told me about this monstrous tube thing at Costco and we went right away to buy it. Only $30! it took some coaxing, (marshmallows) to get Ethan in there, but now he loves it. I don't fit in the tubes so I just peak in at him. Our dog loves it too. Now that's money well spent! :)


Trip to Utah

Gardner Village had a little childrens store with all sorts of hats to try on!
We spent time with with grandparents. They loved having Ethan around.
We toured around temple square. It's so beautiful there!

All of the cousins and their kids came over to have family night and icecream.

Gardner Village is always a joy! It's a tradition to visit there with the cousins!!