USS Midway- pre board

Even before we entered the huge ship, we found beauty. There were pretty trees and landscapes to shoot photos near.

Daddy and Ivy

These two spent a lot of time together in the kitchen in So cal! Daddy would make eggs almost EVERY morning and IVY wanted to help. Then she would want to eat some too!


Not much going on!

Oh how I love how these two LOVE each other. There is a bond between them that is tangible and wonderful. Of course, they fight and have their issues, but they always come back to this! It's fun to watch them grow over the years and still see this goofy relationship!


Quick visit with the Rodgers

Mom and I appreciate someone else doing our hair!
Seflie with Becca! Oh how I love her.
Grandma and Ivy, lovely!

Mom, Dave, and Becca would make quick trips whenever they could to say hello! We always loved when they would stop by. We would make time for lunch or just a chat!

Furry Friend

This little cutie crept into our backyard and scavenged food and made a little home under our fake grass. We had fun watching him for a few days and then he disappeared....

Easter and other things!

Two cuties with their eggs
mommy in the kitchen
A scooter king!
Lovely new glasses and smile!
On the hunt!
Nice find buddy!
He was so proud to find the Golden egg!

Easter was a bunch of fun! Even though we had a tiny backyard, there were plenty of places to find the Easter bunnies eggs! Ethan was 8 and Ivy was 5.


Our little butterfly!

‎Tuesday, ‎March ‎31, ‎2015

This girl is a sassy fashionista and loves to dress up! This is when we were living in SoCal so I had her pose with some of our beautiful flowers! We always find fun to do while Ethan is at school!