Joe's Ecolab work Christmas party

This years work Christmas party was the best ever! They decided to put the focus on family and kids and had lots of fun things going on.

First, they had a taco company cater it. Yummy! I haven't had Mexican food since we've been here so I was in heaven.

The kids couldn't wait to play on the bounce houses! Joe too! He made me race him on the bounce house. He won of course!

Mrs. Ivy also got her face painted. The lady did a great job!

After some other fun games and treats, we heard some bells ringing from down the hall and in came Santa! The kids told them what they wanted and got a pic! It was sweet!

So the work party was a home run! I hope they take the hint and do the same thing again next year!!


PS: don't mind my typos, I wrote this on my phone. :)

Mom and Dave

This is my most favorite picture of my mom and Dave! 

The more I spend time with this match made in heaven, the more I love them. I can't wait to make more memories with them and our family. 


The princess and the prince

Ivy and I were playing school this morning. We practice writing letters and we practiced writing her name, and then we drew princesses. After that, she wanted to tell me a story and have me write it down. This is word for word her story! I love the part about the witch being pushed out of business...funny!

She is my little buddy, I love having her at home to play with and cuddle with all day...


PS. Please excuse any typos, I wrote this from my phone.

Trip to AZ

We took a road trip down to AZ last weekend (no potty breaks on the way there BTW). We were going for the wedding celebration of my mom and Dave. It was such a nice time! 

Friday night we went to the event and had an amazing steak dinner and watched my mom perform, along with her good friends. They sang some awesome love songs and all of us were enchanted, most of all Dave who smiled sweetly at my mom the whole time!

I was asked to come up and sing "Feels Like Home" with the ladies. Mom and I sang it at Angie's wedding so I knew the words. :)

The next morning we went to the park and let the cousins play together.
We had a nice time gabbing on the bench. That's what moms do!

That evening we went on a date night with our friends Brett, Jacque, Dave and Robin. We rode in Brett's jeep with the top down to Encanterra and had a wonderful meal! I love their company! We actually stayed at the Fergusons house the whole weekend. We had such a nice time and felt so welcome. They even made crepes for us before we left. 
This is a funny wind blown pic of Jacque and I from the evening.

It was a really nice weekend and made me miss AZ a ton!


Daily Hugs

Do I love these two so much?!? I think it's pretty obvious that I do. 

Ivy and I look forward to our daily walk to Wood canyon elementary to pick up big brother. She likes to play around at the front of the school while we wait for him. I always look forward to Ethan coming out so I say, "Oh look, Ethan's class is walking out!" 

One day I noticed Ivy making her way over to his class line and watching him closely. As soon as he left the line, she ran over to him and squeezed him with the biggest hug ever. He smiles from ear to ear when she does this. She's been doing it every day since. 5 minutes later, they are usually getting after each other or tattling about something. But, what's important is these little sweet moments peppered throughout their childhood that make the bond so much stronger. 

(PS: please excuse any typos, I wrote this on my phone)

The Post-It

Dear Ethan,

You really surprised me today. You pulled out this little post-it note all folded up from your back pack. You told me it was a "behavior agreement" for your 1st grade teacher Mrs. Burke. I was immediately curious as to what the chart meant! Then you explained to me that you had been keeping this chart daily since the start of school. You had been drawing different faces to show the mood that Mrs. Burke was in that day. 

Oh buddy! This tells me so much about you! I already know that you are likeable and kind. But this little chart tells me that you are sensitive to the environment around you. It shows me that you are watching the world. Rather than just reacting to the bad moods and ill intentions of others, you are able to step back and see the big picture.

With this gift, you will be able to be a success in so many outlets of your life. You will be the mediator, the calm center that people will turn to for guidance. You will be an awesome husband and father. 

You're probably thinking, how could you know all of this from a sticky-note. Sometimes even the smallest of acts can tell people a lot about our character. Love you big boy!

(PS: please excuse any typos, I wrote this on my phone)


Happy birthday Ethan (7)

What a joy this Ethan boy of mine is! He is so GOOD. Being good is really all a parent wants for their child. Not only is he good, he's also loving, gentle with his sister, funny, sensitive, crazy, noisy, cuddly, smart and driven. 

I remember the day they laid him on my chest after several hours of labor. I was exhausted, and so was he. BUT he looked up at me with his big beautiful blue eyes and we instantly connected. He was my buddy from then on! We had 3 awesome years together just he and I. Lots of blocks and cars. Lots of library books. 

He's an amazing older brother to his little sis! She feels happy to have him stand up for her! 


PS: please excuse any typos, I wrote this using my phone. :)


Happy Halloween 2013

What a great day Halloween was! We started out with a parent-teacher conference with Ethan's first grade teacher Mrs. Burke. She had SO MUCH good to say about my Ethan boy. He is so bright! He is ahead in reading, writing, and spelling. He's also doing great in math. I'm such a proud parent! I love my boy.

At about 4pm we got ready and went to a little party some of our neighbors have every year.
This year, Ethan went as a clone ARF trooper from Star Wars, and Ivy went as Sophia the first. The party was a lot of fun and there was a "witch" who came out and did spells on all of the kids. It was adorable!

After that, we came to our little neighborhood and met up with some friends and took the kids trick or treating. It was the BEST candy haul we've ever had. Our neighborhood is a big circle with lots of little houses close together so the kids could get a whole load of candy in a short amount of time. I would say they each got about 5 lbs! Oh what fun! Ivy was so funny this year because she finally "gets it!" She ran as fast as her little legs could carry her all night. Her little blonde curls were bouncing all over the place. I was so happy. 

So now we are on candy overload. And that's okay!

Happy HalloweeN!

(PS: please excuse any typos, I wrote this on my phone)