Blair Witch Blues

I don’t know about any of ya’ll but I have a way of freaking myself out every time I watch a scary movie. My mind makes up all of these images and scenarios of how the scary movie could somehow be real and that girl with the long black hair is going to jump out at me behind the closet sliding door any minute. So for some stupid reason I recorded Blair Witch Project off TV and Joe and I watched it Saturday night. Okay, that movie is beyond disturbing! That night I woke up with an upset stomach, so I’m rolling around in bed, totally nauseas but scared to do anything. Turns out, I had the flu bug and I was up all night throwing up! Two times as horrible because I was scared to go from the bed to the toilet in the dark so I sat in bed with a trash bag and puked the night away. I don’t recommend seeing that movie.


Wade Robson on Dancing With the Stars

This is one of the coolest dances I've ever seen, and I guess the choreographer, who dances in it, is one of the top choreographers in the world. Enjoy!


Welcome Taylor and Brody!!

Two of my good friends welcomed their brand new babies into the world yesterday! Aren't they precious! Congrats Jacque and Becky!!!


New Bloggers!!! Shan and Matt

Hello ya'll, Shannon and Matt have a new blog! How fun right? I just thought I would introduce her blog to you all and you can go welcome her with a plate of cookies to the blogger world!! http://mattandshannonallen.blogspot.com/


Better than Baby Einstein

What could possibly keep a baby interested for an hour?
Watching daddy mow the lawn! This is definately better than any baby Einstein out there!

We had three boys all around the same age at our house this week. It was so much fun to watch them all interect and play together already!

I love this no pants with boots look! ha ha!

We took Ethan to the fair this weekend. He had so much fun at the petting zoo and in the big stinky barn.

This is a picture of Joe eating a DEEP FRIED SNICKERS BAR at the fair! Just looking at adds dimples to my thighs. I did have a bite, and it was everything I imagined it would be. Now I have to run a marathon!


All in a month!

I tell ya, it's wild the things a baby learns to do in a month. If I learned as much as he did in a month, as an adult, I'd probably be a rocket scientist or something! He got into these jones soda candy things and ate one. We let him finish it though because he loved it, we couldn't get it out of his mouth!

I walked into his room one morning and he's peaking at me over the crib! Look at those chunker legs!

He's pulling up on everything!!! I love this stage!!
And finally, we went from the scoot to the crawl in one day! Of course, it happened while I was gone and daddy was home with him so he got to see it first!

He can say so many new words too. Daddy, Hi, and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! He's extra smart, I know. :)