Josh Groban

I had a dream come true this weekend! Joe and I went to the Josh Groban concert and we had an amazing time! I am a huge fan of Josh Groban's so it was a real treat! Those of you who have his CD's probably know how I feel. The cool thing was, his voice sounded great live too. There's a song on his new CD called "so she dances" and when he performed that one, there weren't many dry eyes in the room. He's a real down to earth guy too. Very funny. He also played the piano and drums during the show. There was also a part when he surpised everyone by coming out into the crowd and singing. I found out this weekend that if you're a true fan, you're called a "grobanite." I thought that was pretty funny. :)


The testimony of my brother Jordan, on a mission in Canada:

I don’t know how to tell you in words but I love Jesus Christ. He is truly our best friend. When we fall... he picks us up. He lifts our weary bodies upon his shoulders and carries us and our struggles. I love him so much. He lives!This mission puts a lot of things in perspective for me about myself and what I am meant to do for these people. For all I know I walk into people homes and start moving my mouth and the spirit speaks though me. I don’t know any doctrine. I have only read the Book of Mormon 3 times and that’s ever since I was in the MTC. I am nothing. I am merely the hammer that God uses to drive the spirit into peoples hearts. Why do I love this mission so much? I feel like I’m helping to make a difference. Baptizing isn’t my focus anymore. Obedience is my focus. All I have to do is listen to God and whatever He wants to happen will happen. It’s that simple. He created the earth, He created me and He is the almighty. What can’t He do? He can do anything, and so can we if we have faith and are obedient. That’s all it takes. Faith, obedience and endurance. Those 3 things enable the power of God to guide His children back into his kingdom where He waits with open arms. Ready to embrace us and say "well done". I am excited for that day!! I feel like I’m working towards it. It’s so exciting; there is hope to all of this craziness. I love you all. Keep smilingElder Big J Honey suckles


Getting Older!

Happy Birthday to me! Joe is at Havasupai with the Young Men in the ward so I'm spending time with friends and family today! :) Thanks again mom for going through labor and delivery for me. Now that I know what it's like, BIRTHday takes on a new meaning!


Pretty Flowers

Joe bought me some pretty flowers just because. I love it when little surprises like that happen! He's such a sweetie.



Ethan had his 4 month appt. today! He got four more shots in his legs. He cried and then I just held him and rocked him to sleep. The doctor said his height and and head size are in the 90th percentile! Joe says he's going to be "daddy's little pointgaurd." His weight is in the 50th percentile. I'm glad to have a healthy baby. :)


Water baby!

Joe and I love bringing Ethan to the gym to go swimming! He is so interested in the little fountains! There is also infant daycare at the gym so we can work out for an hour and a half while they watch Ethan! Joe and I have both been doing the Southbeach diet and have lost almost all the weight we gained during my pregnancy! Finally!


4 months and 2 days!

Ethan has his 4 month checkup this Monday! I'm so excited to see how much he weighs!and how long he is! He can also do many more things now! Sit up, Stand up. Rollover (sometimes), grab his toes, and smile really big!! (that's our favorite!)


We LOVE Arizona Sunsets

One of our most favoritest things about AZ is the beautiful sunsets that happen so often! I always love it when we catch one because they only last for a few minutes before it gets dark. This one happened last week after a cloudy day. :)