Campanio and Pop Quats!

My little Ivy was born with a funny sweet endearing little accent. She doesn't ever say her "R" sound. So when she is saying Barbie, she says "Bobbie." She also gets the letters mixed up on some words.

There are two words that are especially funny. Campanio is Piano, and pop quats is Pop Tarts. She knows so many words now that we are trying to hold onto these two as long as we can. :)

Thingers and Incept:
Although Ethan speaks almost perfectly and can read and write, he still says two words in a funny way. Thingers is fingers, and Incept is except. 

I love my children for their little imperfections. It makes them so special.

PS: please excuse any typos, I wrote this from my phone.


In an earlier blog post, I talked about "Didgi and Dodgy" who were Ethan's imaginary friends when he was 2 and 3 years old. Now I want to tell about Ivy's little imaginary friend. Her name is Debbie. I think she came up with that name from hearing me talk to a lady named Debbie on the phone who used to be my visiting teaching companion. Anywho, she calls her Debbie. Debbie has pink hair and she's a little older than Ivy. Debbie is also very mischievous. Sometimes when Ivy is caught doing something naughty, she tells us that Debbie was the one who did it, or that Debbie told her to do it! But Debbie is a good friend too. Ivy calls her on the phone often. They talk about Terrence and Eugene and plan parties and what not. 

I LOVE that my kids have had imaginary friends. I encourage it. I love to talk with them about it. It expands their imaginations when they create scenarios in their mind.


Ward Trunk-or-treat

There's something about the annual ward trunk or treat that always gets me excited! Maybe it's the fact that I can visit with the people in my ward in a cool Halloween setting, or perhaps it's that I don't have to traipse across the whole neighborhood with my kids to fill up their candy bowls.

This year, Ivy dressed as Sophia the first, and Ethan was a Star Wars ARF Clone Trooper! Little cuties!

I signed up to bring a decorated pumpkin as a table centerpiece. We put this baby together in 30 minutes! It actually ended up winning the award for "Most Creative" so we were pretty happy! 

We ate yummy chili and corn bread.

Then we went inside for some carnival like games and a costume parade. I LOVE sharing the magic of Halloween with my children. Ethan held Ivy's hand the whole time they walked around the gym. He's SUCH a good boy.

After that we went outside for the trunk or treat. By the end, Ivy was tired and cranky (we don't have her nap anymore) so we went home. :)

PS: I wrote this on my phone so please excuse any typos!

Disneyland for the first time!!

So! After a couple of months of wavering on the idea of getting annual Disney passes, we decided to bite the bullet. Sure, were gonna be dirt poor for a month, but I'd say it's well worth the ramen dinners and date nights IN.
Some of our friends and family were planning on going that same day so that helped seal the deal.
I LOVE my friend Jacque! I have missed her so since we moved the California! She totally "gets me." If that makes sense. It's funny, I'm kind if like her baby monkey because she is often grooming me and picking things off of me, but that's what friends are for right!

So here is a pic of when our family arrived.
It was a perfect day. We loved all of the rides. Ethan especially loved the Star Tours ride. I can't imagine what that would be like for him considering he LOVES all things Star Wars! Ivy loved the Peter Pan's flight ride. That ride is one of my favorite rides too! One of my childhood memories is riding that with my mommy. She rode all of the princess rides with me since those were my favorite!

A funny thing happened when Joe decided that he wanted to ride the Tower of Terror with Brett. I thought I would sit it out with the kids, but Ivy (3 years old) decided that she REALLY wanted to go, even after looking at the ride and seeing how spooky it looks! So Joe reluctantly took her on it! He said she was so enveloped by the story of the haunted tower that she asked at the end, "daddy what world are we in?" She also told me, "when we did the big drop, I didn't even beep!" She liked it, but also said she doesn't want to ride it again...

All in all it was an amazing tiring day! We can't wait to go back and have more fun!

PS: I wrote this on my phone so please excuse any typos!



I am so excited to be blogging from my phone! This is an amazing tool and I can't wait to use it more often. My issue with blogging has been that I don't have time to sit down to my computer to write a post, also that I don't have time to Upload my photos from my phone to a computer. Now is the time to get back to it!
Here's a recent pic of my kiddies to start. Talk to you soon!


PS: I wrote this on my phone so please excuse any typos!