The Wheel of Responsibility

During this pregnancy, Joe and I have been spinning the wheel of responsibility to determine who does the daily duties around the house. It sure makes life easy for me.
Okay so we really haven't been using it, but I thought the idea was funny. I mean, I'm the one who 'gets' to be pregnant for nine months. Joe always tells me he would gladly be pregnant for me if he could. BUT knowing all that comes along with pregnancy, I'm not so sure he would stick with that agreement for very long.
But seriously, my due date is in 3 days. If Ivy doesn't come by then, there's a scheduled enducing Thursday. Thank goodness. I can't wait to get on with life with a new baby. I'm sure she can't wait to come out too because she does the hippie hippie shake on top of my bladder any time she gets the chance!
Here's to an exciting week!


My baby brunch

I had fun designing this invitation for my brunch, so I had to show it off!
Thanks to my sister Aimee for taking these pictures, I have felt horrible for forgetting to take any pictures at her shower the beginning of this year, and yet, out of the kindness of her heart, she took pictures at mine!

Mommy and me.

Me at the breakfast table. There was lots of yummy treats.

The party went really well! Many of the ladies brought their kids and let them play at the park while they snacked and socialized. There was so many adorable handmade gifts, I can't believe the creativity of the people around me! Baby Ivy is going to have a headband to wear for every day of her bald headed life. :)

The weather was great too, a little warm, but nothing to complain about. The problem was the bees. We sprayed them with poison, but they kept coming back for the fruit! Thank goodness no one was stung!

Thanks to Mom and Aimee for throwing the shower, and thank you to everyone who came. What a treat!