What's Up This month?

Well, it seems the closest thing to me that's a camera these days is my phone, so I snap shots from there more often than my higher resolution camera, but at least it's something right?
  I just got a new calling as young women secretary and it seems to be perfect for me! Look at these crazy miamaids! They performed a Mormon rap and it was hilarious! I so remember those days of being fancy free!
This is Ethan's way of finding things to do around the house. He loves to get creative with the baby contraptions that litter our floor.
  We sat outside and watched the rain storm last week. It was so nice to smell the damp and feel the cool breeze! I would have stayed out all evening if we didn't start getting soaked!
First day of preschool! I took more photos that I'll be uploading soon! Ethan was such a big boy walking into class this year! much different than last year. He's becoming such a big boy! Daddy gave him a sweet blessing the night before and he felt so important!!!
 Look at this little princess! This is the dress she wore to church last Sunday and it was precious on her. She kept tripping on it though because it's so long. All of the young women argue over who gets to hold her and Ivy is so good when she sits on their laps. I LOVE this little lady!

Happy Bday Celebrations

This month is always one of my favorites because it's Aimee and Mom's Bdays. And to our surprise, last weekend was a BIG party! Friday night, Aimee planned a BASH for my mom and all the girls went to see 'Annie get your gun' at Hale Theater. The show was so cute and I LOVED the music. After that we went for ice cream and chatted about shaving our legs. :) Nothing Better!
 Then, we got a 'secret' invitation in the mail from Ray (Aimee's hubby) about a surprise party for her. The invite was SO sweet, and we were all to meet at Dave and Busters on Saturday night and rock the night away. Well OF COURSE Aimee found out about it early, but the event was still a HUGE hit! There was shuffle ball, pool, and games till the morning light! Ray did a fabulous job and we had such a great time!

 Happy B-day ladies!! Love you!