Sheesh! There’s so many things I could blog about right now, and they always pop in my head at the most inopportune times, and then I don’t blog at all, because I can’t think of anything. But just sitting here typing feels so great, that I’m sure I’ll come up with something!

One thing I have learned is that whenever I’m around anyone who is remotely famous, I get the urge to go say hi and have a picture taken. I tried out for Arizona Idol this year (I’m to chicken to do the REAL one) and so anyway, Corey from FOX 10 news, the weather man, was hovering around my little group of people and I just had to say hi and strike up some cheesy conversation with him like, “so do you like your job?” Wow! Is that the most creative question I could come up with? I mean come on! Why couldn’t I have said, “So where are you from?” or something more personal? So he gave me some generic answer and started talking to the lady next to me who had more creative questions than I did.

Then we went and saw the play 1856 again this year and I just am in awe of Joseph Paur who's most famously known for the part he played in the movie Rigoletto! This man is SO talented and every note that comes out of him is genius! So I got to meet him last time I saw the play too and I couldn’t think of anything to say except, “You sing so well!” Wow, apparently I’m good at stating the obvious. Anyway, he is sort of a shy person to start with so it was awkward to say the least. So this year was going to be different, I had planned out in my head that I was going ask him where he studied music, but NO I said the same dumb thing I said last year followed by, “ You really should make a CD.” OH MY!! He just laughed and then we took yet another awkward photo.
During Ethan’s waking hours he runs all around the house, singing, dancing, playing, throwing, hitting, kicking, hugging, and jumping. During MY waking hours I sit in front of this computer screen, and clean here and there, but mostly my body wants me to just sit. I went to the gym two weeks ago for the first time in a WHILE and by the end of it all my body was SCREAMING at me! I’m getting wrinkles, and all that wonderful time in the sun, charring my skin while I was in high school is definitely catching up to me! It’s a little bit scary, I have to say! BUT thank goodness there are products on the market today that promise youth; a little poke here, a little Botox there, and you’re good. It’s makes me think though, if I had the energy Ethan had, and the mental capacity that I have, who knows what things I would be accomplishing up until now!
I have hoped for this stage in Ethan’s life ever since he was born. I have just wanted to be able to talk with him, not just to him! He’s finally starting to put 2 to 3 word phrases together and say things like “Barbie Go Potty!” and “My Turn” and “I Love you daddy” and my most favorite word of his, this is so cute, Instead of saying Marshmallow, he says Pompillow, and Joe and I think it’s so cute, we’ve been starting to call it that too. So hopefully he never learns it the right way!

Anyway, those are my thoughts for now, and I’m ready to be a better blogger. I found this quote and I think it fits perfectly with my theme for today: