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This may gross you out, but it must be said...
Did you ever wonder why they bother to add scents to soap? You know -- scents like "lilac morning" or "grapefruit splash" or "evening dew" -- those kind of smells?
Soap companies don't want you to know, but here's the ugly reason...
They do it so you won't notice how disgusting the soap smells once you've washed your butt.
Studies show that 93% of people begin their showers by soaping the lower regions and working upwards. That means that 9 out of 10 people rub something against their face that, only moments earlier, was gliding and probing where the sun don't shine.
So now you know... The scents are added so you won't realize you're washing your face with tush-tainted soap.
But before you puke into your keyboard, check out Butt / Face Soap.
This brilliant cleanser solves the problem by clearly defining which side of the soap is for the face, and which side is for the butt.
The words BUTT and FACE are clearly molded into the sides of the soap. And, to make sure there's no confusion, the Butt side of the soap is brown. Crude? You bet. But it gets the job done.
Now that you know the dark secret behind soap scents, how can you possibly return to your old soap habits? For your next shower, switch to Butt / Face Soap -- And when it comes time to wash your face, fear not and breathe deeply. (just make sure you're sniffing the right side).
This comes from a hilarious website called stupid.com and I've bought a few white elephant gifts from this website. Go there just for a laugh too!



This woman must be going to some high-end Wal-mart if she gets "all dressed up" to go. I tell ya, I purposefully put on my pajamas when I go to Wal-mart because you stand out like a sore thumb if you wear anything better. But I'm sure glad there's a dollar store she can go to where she feels more casual. :)


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1st birthday fun!

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