August Girl's Lunch

We had such a fun August girl's lunch at BriAnne's mom's house. Thanks again to everyone who could come! We were so happy to see those of you who were in town for a few days pay us a visit too! What a treat! The food was great! I can't believe how much everyone's babies have grown too!

Look at all of the cute little Mommies and their babies!!!!

Many of us brought old pictures from highschool and junior high and we had fun remember the good times! And the winner of the most embarrasing, awkward, and funny picture goes to...Hawli for bringing this doozy of a picture. I have to point out that we all have Winnie the Pooh stickers on, and Shannon went to the bathroom and threw up in the bathroom immediately following the picture. She looks a little pale...

Love ya girls!


Hate your drab bathroom mirror?

I saw this idea on a fellow scrapbloggers website http://ameubanks.wordpress.com/tag/interior-design/ and I think it is a adorable idea! They no longer appreciated their bathroom mirror which was stuck to the wall in a flat, boring sort of way (like mine is) so they hung another well-frame mirror by knob and ribbon and added a special look to the bathroom. What a creative, but cheap way to doll up a space! I'm totally doing this! You can too. :)


Arizona Idol Auditions

Hey all! They didn't choose me as the next Arizona Idol, but this was such a fun experience. Those of you in AZ who like to sing oughta try it next year!