Hello St. George!

I got a new calling! I'm in the primary presidency as the first counselor. I can't wait! I've been teaching my little 5 year olds so I'm sad to leave them, but I love all of the kids!

ALSO right after I got called, we left for St. George for the week.

This is one of the many adorable pictures we took there! BUT my computer is running so slow right now that it would take FOREVER for me to post them so this should wet your palette at least! More to come!


Peanuts and Crackerjacks!

Ethan had his first Dbacks experience! He loved watching all the different things going on of course and by the end he was asleep! :)

I got together with Shan while she was in town for Christian's farewell! Those boys grew up so fast!

We went to this Bass pro shop place. It was like Disneyland for men, and I had the best time too! There's a waterfall, fishtanks, shooting gallery, fudge shops, and all the outdoor stuff you'd ever want! It's even better than Cabella's!


Weening and Wailing!

The Devil:

Okay, I realized that if I didn't wean Ethan from his binky at seven months, then it would just get harder and harder to do it as he gets older. I mean, they write childrens books about this subject! So two nights ago I felt so ready to just do it. I learned from a friend to literally just let them cry anywhere from 5 to 40 minutes and they'll fall asleep on their own. Ethan screamed for what seemed like an hour (but it was only 15 minutes) and then he fell asleep. I was almost in tears myself, but I knew I had to do it! Since then, he's really done great falling asleep without his binky! SUCCESS!
These two are so happy when they're together! Ethan literally breaths harder and starts screaming when Barbie paces around.
This little play was so fun! Kali, my neice LOVES princesses! There's a part in the show we're the prince wants to marry another girl (who's not so nice) and Kali yelled , "Don't marry her! Arabelle's prettier!" I was so like that when I was little so I can relate! :)