Oh heavens! Ethan did the last thing you want your baby to do while eating green beens. I was getting his next bite ready and I heard him take a deep breath so I scrambled for a something to catch the...too late, he sneezed all over EVERYTHING! Needless to say I had to change clothes again that morning.
Ethan figured out that it's way more fun to sit up than it is to lay down! SO he sits up all by himself without mommy holding him up anymore! It's so fun to watch him play with each toy until he gets bored of it then he'll choose another one. He's a little man now.

We got a new car! I added some bling so you all could see how gangsta' it is!

glam car!
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As you can see, the back is just as glamorous as the front.

Oh and by the way, in case you were wondering, I am:
Joe's wifey
Build your own Blingee


End of '07 Season for Suns

One thing I love about my hubby is that he's the hugest Suns Fan you'll ever meet, but in the end he's not a sore loser. Now I guess it's time to move on.


Series finale: I wasn't prepared!

Yep! That's that. No more Gilmores, no more Stars Hollow. After seven seasons of many ups and downs, I'm sad that the show has come to an end. There will be (sniff) things I'll miss about the show:
Lorelai's parents Richard and Emily never failed to get to the emotional heart of a situation. Thanks to them, the senior Gilmores were often the best thing about the show. I'll sure miss the Friday night dinners! Many fights broke out during these! Luckily, Lorelai and her parents mended their relationship by the end.
Goodbye to Sookie! She was such a great friend and cook! Also a baby machine!

Say goodbye to our good friend Lane! Lane was always an excellent (and much-needed) reality check for Rory. She and the twins are doing well.
No more Luke's diner! Many a doughnut were shared there.
Say goodbye to Rory and Logan. She said she wouldn't marry him! She's off to work as a reporter! (I liked Dean better anyway!)
Bye Luke and Lorelia! Anyone who saw her sing that drunken karaoke version of I Will Always Love You to Luke knows that this their love is the real thing. There wasn't a dry eye in my house during that scene. They kissed in the finale so at least we know they'll love happily ever after!
No more Stars Hollow, where I've seriously wanted to move to. Ask Joe! I love Stars Hollow!
I'm gonna miss the whole town! Wow. So long, Gilmore Girls. Thanks for everything.


Day for Mothers!

Mothers! How crazy does that sound? So many of use are Mother's now and I think we deserve a Mother's day for all our hard work! :) It sure is worth it!
Jordan called from Canada on Mother's Day! His Mother's day gift was singing a lullaby to my Mom that she always used to sing to him. It was so sweet we all cried!

These Crazy grandkids have so much fun playing at Grandma's!


Girls Lunch!

(sorry the pics are so little on here, if you want to see the slideshow I made with music and such, and it's a lot bigger, go to http://www.scrapblog.com/44DCC441-D783/0506867F-D3F3 We had lunch at my house on Thursday with all the girls. It's so nice to get together with everyone! All the girls brought food that started with the letter "S" for Spring so we had Serrano's, Spinach dips, Sweet treats, Soup, Salads, Skittles, Starbursts, Sourpatch kids, and Strawberry Gatorade! We took pictures of all the babies and it was a riot because one baby would cry and then the rest would cry but we were laughing too hard to do anything about it! Vanessa and Shannon were both in from out of town so it was a fun surprise to see them too!