Having so much fun!

Okay I'm going to frame this one! We are having so much fun with Ethan right now. He's actually laughing which is so fun for me. You never know what he'll laugh at so you gotta try lots of different things (it's like the Ashley show), but when you find it, you just keep doing it! Also, we've learned that we can only take him to certain movies. If it is a loud crazy movie (ghostrider) then he stays up through the WHOLE thing. Doesn't work. But if it's say a light and funny movie (music and lyrics, night at the museum) then he'll nod off. NICE. So if anyone has any suggestions of movies that meet that criteria let me know... :)


Fancy Free

Ethan loves to be naked and fancy free! So I thought I'd show ya'll a different side of him. :)

Annie's shower

I went to Annie Larsen (Pugmire's) baby shower this weekend. We ran into Rachel Lee from Mountain view (so pretty) and there's some pics of Ethan and his friend Drake. There's sound if you have speakers.


Picture Happy!

I had a my parents really great camera at my house for a few days and so I had to take shots whenever I saw something cute which is like all day long!!! He's doing better holding his head up now which is a great pose.

special shots

These are some professional shots we had taken in December. I thought it would be a good idea to take them before he got too big! He's now in his 3-6 mo clothes and I almost cried when I had to put his other ones in storage. :(

Our baby Ethan

I had so much fun taking these pictures! My friend and I set up a little lamp and got some cute blankies and just took tons of shots of our babies. Too Much fun!!!

Once upon a time...

I'll start by saying hello everyone and welcome to our family spot! It's so special to say family now because we have Me (ashley), Joe and Ethan and that makes a politically correct family.
Some quick bits about us are:
-Married almost 4 years now! Craziness!
-Moved twice since we've been married.
-Trips: Week long Princess cruise, week long trip to Florida, Mexico a few times, St. George countless times and a few others too.
-Ashley worked at University of Phoenix and then Gilbert Family Eyecare, now she's a Mom.
-Joe worked at Key Mortgage, UOP, and now he's back at Key. He loves it there and gets to work with family. :)
-Ethan Joseph Hunt was born Nov 7th 2006 and he's so cute! Just adorable!
-Joe should have his Bachelors in Marketing by the end of '07
We are a happy family!!!