More Disneyland!

Daddy and Ivy!
Not EVERY moment is fun at Disney!
Waiting in line can be a BORE!
Making the best of the LINE!
So we spent many days at Disney while we lived in Socal and had the time of our lives! BUT there are some moments when you are just flat our bored and tired and cranky! One of our favorite rides is Radiator Springs Racers, but the line was never less than an hour long, so you had to prepare to wait!!

Disney Day Cont...

Tom sawyers Island
Disney Frozen Show
Ethan receives his Jedi Training certificate! 
Mommy and daddy Seflie
Cute photo of these three!
Ivy Loving the frozen show!

More Disney photos! Can you ever have too many???

Disney Day snaps

I few pics of another perfect Disney day! We've had so many of those. We finally did the Star Wars show and Ethan was chosen for Jedi training! He was so nervous! I have to admit, the Darth Maul and Darth Vader costumes were very convincing. We LOVED it!


A Day at the Park - Sheephills

We Loved THIS park, so much to do, there is a huge sidewalk that winds all the way around the outside, so the kids could ride their scooters and bikes! This is where Ivy learned to ride her bike! We would ride our bikes as a family all the way from home to this park and back! Good times!