Michael Jackson died in 2009. That was a sad day for me because I was excited to see if there was anything more in store for him as far as music went. I have always loved his music, and his performances! Second to none. So when I heard that Cirque Du Soliel was going to do a tour called 'Michael Jackson Immortal' I was thrilled to say the least! I bought tickets for this thing back in March! Come to find out, my 10 year reunion was on the same night. But I didn't want to miss out on this, so I skipped the reunion!

These are just some photos took on our phones from that evening.  We went with our friends the Oberlys and the Fergusons! LOVE THEM!

The show was amazing! I laughed and cried and got goosebumps and danced and sang!

 The show was spectacular! I wish I could go and see it again. 


Glimpses of my littles

Well Christmas is a coming! Whether we like it or NOT!

 Ethan got the idea to mark the Target Magazine with check marks to let Santa know what he wants for Christmas. :) Genius! 
This kid just makes me laugh with his scary faces that he pulls all the time. 
 Ethan and Ivy like to go to Costco with me so that they can sit next to each other in their extra large shopping carts. It's good and bad for them in that close proximity. 
 Little moments like this make it all worthwhile though. :)

 These little piggy tails make my heart smile. I just love styling my little dolly every morning. :)
 All gussied up and ready to go shopping at 'Walmart' which just happens to be our toy room. :) She LOVES my shoes.
Here she is again wearing mommy's new buckle shoes. She walks better than me in them...uh oh!

More posts to come about Thanksgiving and Ethan's birthday party!!