It's become a fun tradition of our little family to stay in a luxury hotel on Thanksgiving! All the hassle of traveling to family and cooking got too be too much! We lounge by the pool, cook smores by the firepits, soak in the hot tub, and explore the hotel grounds. For our Thanksgiving meal, we go to Mimi's cafe and eat their yummy plate of turkey, mashed potatoes, and other Thanksgiving goodies. They give you Pumpkim pie to top it all off! This year we went and saw a Christmas Movie with the kids after that! It was so nice and relaxing that none of us wanted to leave!!

I'm already looking forward to this again next year!!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Word Art

I LOVE making word art. I'll upload these to my site soon, but I wanna pin them so bad that I'll start with the blog...


Ethan Turns 5!

Ethan has been excited to turn 5 ever since he turned 2! We have talked about riding the yellow school bus when he turned 5 years old! He is still in his 3rd year of preschool, but come next Fall, he will start Kindergarten and ride the yellow school bus! I'm shocked that Ethan is now older than Calliou is, the 4 year old from one of Ethan's favorite TV shows on PBS.
5 years old seems like a huge milestone to me! The stepping stone to a coming of age. I never thought the day would come. We haven't had a friend birthday party for Ethan yet because it seemed weird to have one when he was so young. I knew it was time to have a friend party when he turned 5. He has a 'girl-phobia' right now. So this was to be a strictly BOYS ONLY party. :)

 First we turned on some of Ethan's favorite music, and had playtime and pizza.
 Next, we opened presents. 

Then, the boys got to run around and play in the backyard. These boys are so cute! 
Last, we went to the Bounz House and let them burn of all of their energy jumping around to their heart's content. Ethan has such a good time! He doesn't have any brothers, so he's always begging for play dates with his friends. He felt like a King as the boys all wanted to play with and sit by him!

This little guy melts my heart. He is kind, loving, and funny! He always recognizes the good in others. He loves all things Halloween, and Hot Wheels! What a gift he is to us!

Happy 5 Ethan!