Halloween Party

I love Halloween just as much as the kids do! We go to a party every year at the Ferguson's home just down the street from us. Joe and I decided to go as the leg lamp and box from the Christmas story! Awesome!

This is us last year...we found pics of Brett and Jacque (the party hosts) and made masks out of them. The best was that Joe got a RainDeck shirt from Brett and wore it. That's what Brett always wears!

Happy Halloween!


Toy Town!

We went to a fun place with our friends the Judys recently. It's called Toy Town and it's in Phoenix. Long drive, but totally worth it! It's a little place where they have kid sized buildings set up with different themes on them. Some for boys and some for girls. There are toys in every house and all over the place. The kids can also dress up.

Ethan as Buzz Lightyear/Spider Man! Ha!

Now Ethan wanted to be a fireman!!

Ethan never let this hot piece of machinery out of his sight! He drove it all around making sure the other kids weren't 'speeding' and giving them tickets if they were. :)

Ivy enjoyed playing house with the locals!

Pushing her baby in her princess gown. She was so preoccupied, I couldn't even get her to smile at me to take a photo!!
They would have stayed here all day if we could, but I had to run to IKEA so we had to bribe them with candy to get them to leave. I swear I only bribe with candy in dyer situations like this! I will definitely be returning here very soon! They get an A+ for being clean, and indoor so my kids can play on a hot day.