Where are we now?

Well the last few weeks have been a tad crazy and stressful. I got one of those fun cold-sores that only surface when I don't wear SPF lip-gloss, or I'm stressed! And I never forget the lip-gloss anymore.

1. I hosted a baby shower at my house for my great and partner Becky. More fun than stressful!

2. I sang a solo at a Relief Society, which didn't use to freak me out, but now it does! My confidence must have went out the window when the children came!

3. I am working on updating my website, and simultaneously launching a new boutique which comes SO many other stresses I can't even begin!

4. I've had an influx of custom website designs which come with deadlines to be met.

5. One of the most crazy of all is making sure that the loves of my lives all get their needed attention throughout each day. I love that genuine alone time I can steal with each one of my children and my spouse and I'll drop just about anything to get it.

What have I done to unwind? Put the kids to bed at 5 and 7, then WORK, then watch MY SHOWS! For some reason I am now going to list the shows I have been watching and on which days:

Monday: Tori and Dean Home Sweet Hollywood - They're marriage is on the rocks right now because of dean's motorcycle racing so they are working on reconnecting again.

Tuesday: Glee - I'm so obssessed with the lead singers on that show that I Youtube them constantly!

Wednesday: America's Next Top Model - Season Finale last night was fabulous watching them stomp to the death on the Runway!! Love the hair and makeup! I secretly think I would be a very fierce runway model.

Reel Talk - I LOVE hearing movie critics review the movies coming to theatres. I still see the movies regardless of what they say, but I can't help but wonder what they think...

Thursday: Vampire Diaries - Elayna can't choose between Stephen and Damon (I think she should choose Damon) But there's a twist at the season Finale tonight where Catherine comes back pretending to be Elayna and kisses DAMON and then cuts off John's finger with the ring on it. VERY excited for next season!

Friday: Ghost Whisperer: Every week is a new thrill and chill!

Saturday: Dr. Who on BBC - This is a fabulous sci fi thriller comedy that is quickly becoming one of my favs. The Dr flies around in a phone booth to crazy worlds saving them from freaky things!! Very cool!

And everyday I still watch Oprah who I hear has had lower ratings than Judge Judy lately! I find it funny! I know her political and life view differ than mine but I watch it anyway and sometimes I learn stuff and have "Oh!" moments...

Shows I don't watch anymore because they're over rated: American Idol, Dancing With the Stars...

(Wow! Reading that list through over again makes me realize how nerdy I am!)

Okay so the newest with the kiddoes:

Ethan has preschool Graduation coming up next Thursday and he has a special part in the program. He gets to recite "little Miss Muffett" so we've been practicing several times a day and he's learned it! His imagination grows bigger everyday I just love to asking him questions to probe him to say something interesting!

Ivy is doing so many new things: rolling over both ways, holding her own bottle, and pulling up into crawl position where she smiles and wrinkles up her nose because she just so proud! She is such a peanut!

Joe is so awesome! He's my hubby so I feel proud to say that! He works so hard! Lately he's been making sure we do family scriptures every morning which I think is fabulous! Love him!