End of March Update

My Fabulous little lady would rather be in her bumbo than lay down anymore. She can hold her head up high and scans the room for Barbie who she'll just stare at forever!!

I thought this ruffle bum onesie deserved a post in itself. It's so darling and it just makes me want to squeeze my little sweetie!
Angie's boy Preston turned 9 years old! We had a great party at Falcon Field with him. He loves all things aviation right now so most of his gifts were things that fly! He is such a special nephew. Ethan shared the tire swing with a girl. I love this last photo of Aimee and Heath. He has such beautiful brown eyes!



Ivy laughed for the first time today. Ethan ran around the corner of the couch shaking a mighty bean and Barbie was following after him. I'm not quite sure what did it, or if it was a combination of it all, but Ivy just giggled for a few seconds. I was ecstatic! We kept trying to recreate the moment again for her, but I guess the moment will just have to be spontaneous!

After I put Ivy down for the night, Ethan and I flew airplanes around the house and jumped over pillows as we ran. Ethan laughs so hard when Barbie chases us and jumps up. Love my kids!


The Ladies who Lunch

For years I've wanted to host a Legends Ball of sorts where all of the ladies who I grew up admiring and learning from would come and we would treat them like queens and tell them how much they changed our lifes and really thank them for being so fantastic. Well I hope to still do that one day, but as it would be a HUGE undertaking I was happy to see that Sidney Madsen decided to throw and mommy daughter luncheon to honor all of the mommies and daughters from the '6th ward' as I call it. The name has since changed. Here are some of the photos:

It was such a fun time. We had yummy food and everyone who was present got the opportunity to talk about their current station in life and also share a memory they had from the ward. Finally, I had my chance to thank Sister Poulsen for being such an amazing influence in my life as she was my leader most of childhood. The memories were hilarious and there was so much laughter. So I know it's never too late for me to plan the Legends Ball, so that will have to wait, and for now, this made me happy knowing I could reconnect with my childhood heroes and friends.

I snapped this photo of my old house while I was driving home from the luncheon. It's massive and there's so many memories for me inside that house! The balcony was so fun to have sleepovers on! The front yard was so fun to hide in. And millions more...


He's catching on quick...

Me: "Hey Ethan, let's clean up our toys..."

Ethan: "Why, is someone coming over?"

'nuff said.