My kiddies / The newest...

Aren't they cute?
So the newest with Ivy: She's such a good sleeper! A couple of nights this week, she 's only woken up 1 time to feed. She got sick again a couple of weeks ago and couldn't breathe, but now that she's breathing better, she's such a happier baby. She smiles so much and loves to squeek and squak about everything. She loves to crawl up things when you push up her little feetsies, she'll make a little grunting noise and rocket forward. You gotta gaurd your noise or she'll bonk right into you! She's got such a strong neck.

The newest with Ethan:
This boy is hilarious! The other day Joe said, "Ethan, did you make any new friends at the playplace?" Ethan said, "No, Heavenly Father made them." He's been asking us who made everything, and most of the time it's Heavenly Father who makes things so he just assumed Heavenly Father made the friends. :) He also loves to remind us to turn off the water when we brush our teeth. :) He's adjusting well to Ivy. He loves to call her a "little fella" for some reason. And he loves it when she "talks" to us. He tells her silly stories and sings her songs when she cries. He LOVES family night. That is so precious to me because I know he values the time we spend together. He's my little buddy.

The newest with Joe:
we are planning a Valentines Day getaway, one night stay at a hotel somewhere. Not on Valentines Day because Grandma will be busy, but sometime around then. We are both chomping at the bit to get some alone time and relax. He LOVES his calling with the young men. He goes to game night every week from 9pm to sometimes midnight where he hangs with the boys.

Newest with me:
Design to the 3rd power. I guess I feel the need to make up for lost time when I was pregnant, but I'm a graphic making fool. I forgot how much I love it! I love to lay Ivy on my lap and talk with her and smile with her. I love to give her baths. I love to cuddle with Ethan on the couch, and I love to sit at the breakfast table and plan out my day with him. Joe and I put Ethan in the movie daycare and brought Ivy with is to see Sherlock Holmes. It was a good time, and it was nice to spend time with my hubby. :)