Preggers and other things

These next few months are going to be bitter-sweet for me, mostly because I have the best little 2 year old a mom could ask for and spending time with him has been such a joy for me. Just the two of us, while daddy is at work, and then when daddy comes home, we have even more fun. It's really starting to feel like a family unit. I keep feeling like I'll be a little sad to add another addition to the mix. I feel like the family dynamic will change. Ethan's roll will change from being the only child, and sole receiver of all attention, to being big brother. He's already so helpful, he wants to do everything he can to gain more independence, so I know he'll be a big help. It's just going to be difficult for me not to look at him as my little baby boy anymore! I'm sure I'll immediately snap out of it when the new baby comes because of the joy and love I'll feel with both. I'm sure I won't be able to picture my life any other way. So I really can't wait for that day. :)

I'm so happy to finally feel less sick these last few weeks! Besides a little bout of the flu I had this week, things are getting back to normal! It's such a blessing that the things of pain in the life are for but a moment when you look back on them.
In the meantime, we've had lots to do and time marches on!

Joe has been spending lots of one on one time with Ethan lately since I've been laying around the house with nausea. He took him to a Dbacks game recently and Ethan had such a fun time dancing to the music and watching the game.

Joe and Ethan had a blast at father and sons together. Funny story, the two of them were sleeping in the tent together and of a sudden Joe gets woken up by Ethan saying, 'Daddy, stop making the trimmer noise!" Joe realizes he's been snoring and Ethan thought it sounded like a trimmer so that's the only way he could describe it! They did all of the fin camping things like roast marshmellows and throw rocks in the river. Too fun! Oh I failed to mention I had a fun girl's night that evening!

We spent some time at Lehi Days with the Allen family after a LONG dry spell of missing them. They are so fun and so easy going to be with. Crew and Ethan enjoyed each other's company too! I'm always sad when the Allen's leave town because I know it will be a long time until we see eachother again!