Beautiful Boy

I have a little talker on my hands! This child can say almost any word you throw at him. His newest is Helecopter. He's really not just a baby anymore. And I'm loving it! He's become my little buddy! He's helping me around the house, he's learning 'cleaning up.' And he laughs and smiles constantly. Honestly, it's such a pleasure being his mommy!
I'm starting a website for my Cutest Blog on the Block designs soon. This has been keeping me so busy! I've got so many facelift/card requests that I've hired on my sweet friend Becky as a partner. Poor girl had to learn Photoshop in a week! But she's been a real trooper, and now I have an office with two computers set up in my house, and when we're not chasing our children, we're feverishly designing things! It's a lot of fun!
Joe is loving his work with Ecolab, I'm so grateful he's found something that he loves to do!
I'm still in the Primary Presidency, loving it, and Joe is now Secretary in the Young Mens Presidency. We have started reading our scriptures together, and separately, and it has blessed our lives tremendously. I'm so grateful for the Brother from Elders Chorum who came into our home and reminded us how important it is!