A NEED for technology...

I MEAN WELL when I head to the laundry room to iron my husbands badly wrinkled shirts. I try to think about my grandmother and mother before me who slaved over a hot iron with a happy smile and a song to press their loving husbands shirts. I mean why not? The man of the house goes to work each and every day to earn the bread money.
But the end result is always the same:
WE LIVE IN AN AGE where rockets are orbiting into space, computers are the size of jelly beans, and your car can parallel park by itself! So why oh why have we not invented an easier way to remove a wrinkle from my husband's shirt!!!


Bumping in to things:

Ethan and his buddy Drake love to play together. They share everything, especially the cold/flu's that have been going around this season!
Recently Ethan discovered a funny new trick where he covers his head with a blankie and hobbles around the room laughing and running into things. He thinks he's funny! He taught Drake his new trick.
This shrounded figure is Ethan.
On a side note, talk about control, our dog looks like she might be well trained, but just you wait until I turn my back on her, she goes right for the crumpled up snotty tissues and any morsels that Ethan leaves laying around...
We still love her though. :)