Playing with Pictures

Ethan wanted to go out for a ride on his John Deer on the open road, so I said okay. The Paparazzi took this shot.
He often peers into flower beds pondering the meaning of life. :)


Baby book comes to life:

These are some pictures I took at the Phoenix Zoo this week. The zoo was practically empty so we had the chance to really see the animals up close. That little monkey and his monkey friends were running right past our legs! And we made sure not to taunt the tiger so he didn't come out and eat us like what happened at the San Diego zoo recently. Some people are, well, not smart. Ethan made connections between some animals he's seen in his books too. I love it that he's learning so FAST!!!


I'm Jammin

I'm very excited to introduce my new passion. Creating ditigal scrapbook designs like these papers and I'm also learning how to do elements like brads, ribbon, and so on! This is my very first paper pack named Jammin. Aren't they fun?