If I had to...

If I had to choose one artist that I could only listen to their music for the rest of my life, it would be easy for me! The King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. I used to go to my room, close the door, flip on 'They don't care about us' and rock out!

Last night, American Idol had 'Michael Jackson' night and it seemed to stir up all my memories of dancing in the living room to 'Thriller' and 'Man in the Mirror' with my sisters.

You can say what you want about his personal life, but when it comes to performing, he's number one! Dance, song beat, energy, he has it all! He always does something crazy when he performs live on stage. One of my favs was when he came together with Britney Spears in '02 for 'the way you make me feel'. Two of my favorite artists!

And who can forget Captain EO the 3d movie at disney land for all those years! So awesome! I hope he never stops making music and performing. I would die to go to one of his live concerts! Anyone hear about one coming anywhere near AZ, you must inform me!

Thanks MJ!