Santa scares me

I had it all planned out! I didn't even let Ethan see Santa and I just set him in Santa's lap and tried to distract him whil Joe took the pictures. But the curse of the scary Santa got to him anyway. At least Ethan got to tell him that he wants cars for Christmas. :)

You Might think your looking at some pictures of London Fog, but no, this is sunny, dry, Arizona! This last few weeks we've had rain all day and fog in the morning!


Holiday at Hillary's

We really did have a little Holiday over at Hillary's yesterday afternoon. Everyone brought treats to eat and Hillary's amazingly beautiful home was decorated to the T with Christmas trimmings. I'm not kidding when I say, it's beautiful!
We all gathered in her living room while our adorable babies bonked, scratched, hit, and pushed eachother down. Jackie made a comment about the toll pregnancy, childbirth, and nursing takes on our bodies. Believe me, we all had something to say about that! The word 'pancakes' comes to mind. :) I'm sure glad I have all my fun friends to discuss lifes little moments with! Thanks girls! And congrats to Kristy, your new baby is so precious!