Crew's Party

The Allens are now back in AZ where they belong! :) As soon as they got into town, they had Crew's 4th birthday party!
This is a photo of Ethan lookin' 'mighty fine' at Crew's adorable Cowboy theme birthday party! There were squirt guns, crafts, yummy foods, and a pony ride to cap it all off! Ethan had so much fun! It was fun for the adults to catch up too!
Ivy wanted Daddy's sucker the whole time Crew was opening his gifts! She kept saying, "more, more, more!"

Lots of fun!


Digi and Dodgi

Okay so before these little friends are gone for good, I wanted to make sure I wrote about Digi and Dodgi. These are Ethan's imaginary friends. They are very small, and they live in the light over by the Queen Creek Shopping center. The light looks like a tiny house so, thus, that's where they live. They come over to our house a lot and play with Ethan. Sometimes they get into some trouble and provoke Ethan to be naughty, but for the most part, they give Ethan someone to play with! They go with him in the car and during rest time.

My mom had a great idea, to have him describe what they look like and I draw a picture of them, so I will be doing that and upload it to this post as well.

I sure love my little Ethan and his HUGE imagination! I hope he never loses his creativity!